Happy 2765th Birthday to Rome, Italy

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Although she doesn’t look a day over 2000, today is in fact the 2765th birthday of Rome, Italy.

Rome’s birthday was calculated by Roman mathematician and astrologer Lucius Taruntius Firmanus who, in the 1st century BC worked out that the Eternal City was founded on 21st April, 753 BC.

Since around that time, Romans have celebrated their beloved city’s special day with festivals and celebrations. And no decent Italian festival is complete without an accompanying feast!

This day in Rome is known as the ‘Natale di Roma’ (Natale also being the Italian word for Christmas, which actually means Nativity or Birthday).

Roman mythology tells us that Romulus_and_Remus established Rome, with Remus having chosen the Aventine Hill on which to build the foundations of the city.

For this special event in Rome, the Aventine Hill will be lit up in lights whilst the Tiber, Rome’s river, will come to life with a fireworks display.

To celebrate, Rome is also putting on a spectacular evening featuring singers, musicians and actors on stage at ‘La stelle di Roma’ from 8.30pm on Via dei Fori Imperiali. The streets of Rome will be filled with parades featuring gladiators and other iconic Roman figures.

Some of the big names in attendance at this great event in Rome include Luca Barbarossa, Maurizio Battista, Mario Biondi, Elena Bonelli, Paolo Bonolis, Lorella Cuccarini, Lando Fiorini, Simona Marchini, Enrico Montesano, Andrea Morricone, Ennio Morricone and Andrea Perrozzi. A light show will also follow from 11.00pm to midnight. What’s more, museums in Rome and Rome parks are open free to the public to celebrate this most special day in Rome.


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