Tastes of Tuscany: books, looks and cooks

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One of the many charms of Tuscany is the plethora of small Tuscan village towns where local traditions, recipes and customs remain virtually unchanged throughout the centuries.

These villages, set amidst a stunning Tuscan countryside, afford beautiful views that seem to let you look out over eons past, over landscape carefully tendered throughout the centuries to produce mouth-watering Tuscan wares from extra virgin olive oil, delicious wine, cheese, cured meats, and the fresh produce that is so expertly prepared in the simple traditional Tuscan recipes that have become famous around the world.

One such Tuscan village town is Consuma in Casentino. Set in the mountains of Tuscany, this quaint countryside area was the setting of Australian author (and long-term Tuscan local) Lisa Clifford’s fascinating book, ‘Death in the Mountains’.

Sharing the fascinating true story about a 100-year-old murder in the area in the winter of 1907, Death in the Mountains reveals the hardships faced by Casentino locals the harsh living conditions and the ways of life for poorer Tuscans at the time*.

Throughout her research, Lisa also managed to solve this century-old who-done-it!

On July 11th at 4:30pm, the local TV station, Teletrutria, will be filming a special on the book and its writer Lisa Clifford. The locals will then be a tasting of local specialties, including recipes and local produce mentioned throughout the book. Some of the local fare includes wine, chestnuts, castagnaccio  and pecorino (sheep) cheese, with one shepherd even bringing along his flock to really demonstrate his Slow Food traditions!



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* Thankfully these hardships are traditions that have been done away with!

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