Momentous day for Rome’s most magnificent monument!

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After months of talks, the restoration of the Coliseum in Rome is set to begin tomorrow – 31st July, 2012.

And just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the Coliseum won’t be restored so quickly either.

Each of the 6 areas within the Coliseum is estimated to require around 24-36 months for completion, although three of these will be worked on contemporaneously.

Original construction of the Coliseum began around 70 BC, initially built as an amphitheatre designed to house some 50,000 people to watch spectacles. Since then, the Coliseum has been completed, added on to, burned, crumbled, earth-quake damaged, re-built and reinforced.

The latest Coliseum restoration has been sponsored by Diego della Valle, who is putting in the neat sum of 25 million euro in exchange for 15 years of exclusive running of the must-see sight in Rome.


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