Ahoy, this be Venice? Aye!

Think Venice and you imagine gliding along misty canals guided by muscled gondoliers plying Venice’s iridescent waterways. You imagine the golden façade of St Mark’s Basilica glinting in the morning sunshine, illuminating the impressive piazza of San Marco that it overlooks, pinnacled by St Mark’s Campanile. Perhaps you recall passing over one of Venice’s myriad bridges, the high point of each offering picturesque views along the waterways.

What may not pop into your mind when think of Venice are pirates.

But we were lucky enough to experience a rather unique thing to do in Venice – passing a unique evening circumventing the islands of Venice on a pirate ship.

Whilst Italy is known for having produced some rather bloodthirsty brigands, such as Vincenzo Gambi, this evening we were luckily to find the pirates on board were rather friendly.

They were also incredibly agile, jumping up on the deck’s railing and manoeuvring about like we were on smooth and solid ground whilst the rest of us needed a little bit of time to get our sea legs on, initially tottering about like toddlers trying on their mother’s stilettos for the first time!

We passed by St Mark’s square, the white marble of the Doge’s Palace illuminated spectacularly in the late afternoon sun. We meandered past some of Venice’s islands, including Lido and Murano, back-dropped by a sky passing through the spectrum from brilliant sunset colours, slowly fading into the sweetest of pastels before dimming into spectacular star-lit night.


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