San Lorenzo – prepare your wishes for this stellar night in Italy!

Falling Perseid meteors - 'stelle cadenti' that many Italians will be wishing upon for San Lorenzo.

Tonight, Italy is celebrating the night of San Lorenzo, when ‘stelle cadenti’ – falling stars – are set to streak across the night skies.

Whilst falling stars are much more common towards the end of July and the beginning of August, the evening of San Lorenzo is the night in which the falling stars are set to be most prominent.

Some estimate up to 100 falling stars per hour will streak our skies this eve.

Many Italians will head for the hills, away from the city lights, where they will pull up a blanket, set up a late-night picnic and pass the night watching nature’s most stella performance.

Certainly a unique and unusual thing to do in Tuscany on a visit to Italy, you’ll need to be watching north east to see the most falling stars  (which are in fact Perseid meteors if you want to get scientific about it).

The best seats in the Italian house are said to be Tuscany and Sardinia, owing to these regions having more areas of countryside darkness.


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  1. italy is wonderful, i spent a month there last summer and felt like i was rushing it, if you only have a week id say just pick a couple of cities (one of which has to be venice) and do them properly, then promise yourself a return visit to do the rest of the country, otherwise youll spend too much time travelling and getting lost.