The coolest coffee in Italy!

Espresso coffee with a scoop of creamy gelato


Italians may not follow road rules, and let’s not even get into discussing Italian politics, but when it comes to coffee, there are many hard-and-fast traditions not to be messed with.

For instance, cappuccino is a breakfast coffee, which should never be ordered after a meal. In fact, in some restaurants the owners will even refuse to serve a cappuccino after a meal as they think the heavy milk will mix badly in the stomach!

Instead, Italians will have an espresso after a meal. But even for this simple shot of coffee there are a few coffee rules to be followed.

One delicious way to enjoy an espresso in the summer months is with a simple scoop of creamy gelato swirled into the hot bitter shot.

This is particularly wonderful because to enjoy this great Italian coffee recipe means you either have to make gelato, or buy it from a delicious gelateria!



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