Good Morning in Florence

Morning in Florence

The morning sun glows off the façades of the Florentine buildings, rendering brilliant the typical pale citrus tones of their façades.

The street sweepers have just passed by on their morning trail, leaving an almost after-the-rain freshness about the air.

And on the streets, almost no one.

Going for an early morning walk in Florence gives you a totally different perspective of the city. The streets are near empty, the traffic still sleepy and there is a peaceful quiet about the historical city centre.

Stopping for a coffee in a typical coffee shop (or, ‘bar’) however, it is startling to find yourself elbow to elbow with locals who have stopped for a typical Italian breakfast of cappuccino and a ‘cornetto’*.

The contrast between the chitter-chatter of the coffee shop and the quiet of the streets is invigorating and as you step back out onto the cobbled streets, there is more than just the caffeine pep in your step as you head off onto a wonderful day in one of the best cities in Italy, one of the most charming places in Europe and, dare we say, one of the most beautiful places in the world!


Our small-group Original Florence Walk gives great insight into the city centre of Florence. We also have a private guided tour of Florence’s historic city centre My Exclusive Original Florence Walk and David Tour.


To explore other areas of Italy, can check out our Artviva Walking Tours website to read more about the tours we have to offer in Florence, RomeVeniceCinque Terre, Umbria, Naples, Pompeii and more. We also have private tours from Florence (and Tuscany) to RomeVenice and to the Cinque Terre and beyond.


* A pastry that looks a lot like a croissant… not that you’d ever mention that in Italy! It can be ‘vuoto’ (empty) or filled with cream or chocolate.

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