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The Renaissance bore many of history’s greatest artists and many artisan traditions right here in Florence. But inspiration has never waned and to this day, Florence remains a glorious hub of creativity.

And really, being surrounded by so much beauty in Florence, the capital city of the stunning Tuscany region, it’s no wonder that people here are so inspired to make such beautiful items.

In a little store on a narrow cobbled Florence street, Patrick Wandael is one local artisan working away in his wonderfully unique jewellery pieces in enamel, bronze, aged silver and other metals.

Patrick moved to Florence over 30 years ago, and now lives here with his wife and children. His jewellery creations are not only created with stunning workmanship, but are also fun and stylish.

You can visit Patrick at his store Parsifal on Via del Sole, 23r in Florence, or online at

Shopping in Florence offers not only the opportunity to buy some great fashion items like the top-quality leather shoes and bags Florence is famous for, but also to meet artisans and artists working their trade in their boutique stores around Florence. We offer a great private guided tour of Florence’s artisan workshops for those who want to meet some of Florence’s best artisans.


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