Florence’s Seedy Underbelly: Sex, Drugs & Renaissance

Sex, Drugs and the Renaissance

An adults only tour

You may be surprised to know that the Renaissance had more than its fair share of debauchery!

In Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance, some of the most rich and famous led shocking lifestyles that line the seedy underbelly of Florence’s past. This was a time when a scandal really was scandalous, and when acts that may nowadays cause the resignation of a prominent political figure weren’t so much worthy of a batting of one’s eye.

This past is woven throughout Florence’s historical city centre, from hidden alleyways to some of Florence’s most spectacular open spaces, with histories ranging from the sublime to the outrageous.

Religious figures – right up to one particular Pope himself – lived openly with mistresses and used their power to promote their own children to prominent political and political positions.

Surprising (and often vile) concoctions were used to drug, cure, poison and maim.  From popes to peasants, to prominent psychopaths – social, political and religious terrors sprang from alchemy, pharmacy and witchery.

Some of Florence’s most spectacular piazzas were literally bordering on a boudoir, where the world’s oldest occupation was Florence’s biggest business.

What now seems like a charming little square in the heart of Florence’s city centre was once the site of a horrendous massacre, where bodies were thrown into an ancient well that still stands to this day. Some superstitious locals still fear to tread there in fact!

But this secret side to Florence is not all doom and gloom – there are also surprisingly cheeky and even sometimes quite crude messages, built right into Florence’s grandest monuments!

See Florence in all her glory – the Renaissance city as you’ve never seen her before – on our Sex, Drugs_and_Renaissance_- Adults_Only_Florence_Tour.

For a more sober but still certainly scintillating city tour, we also have our The Original Florence Walk or our new Food Tour in Florence!

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