Top Travel Tips for Italy Trips

Top Travel Tips, Advice for Italy travel, Italy travel advice, do's and don't italy, italy ettiquette, things to do italyVisiting Italy? We want to help you ensure your immersion into the Italian culture doesn’t turn into a culture clash.

To help people who are planning a trip to Italy ensure they make the most their Italy vacation, we’ve selected a range of pointers for your Italy holiday that help you avoid the most common rookie blunders.

To this end, we have been running around Florence and the Tuscany countryside doing silly things – often in strange costumes – to create a series of short videos to share some simple advice for travel in Italy.

But our strange costumes were nowhere near as strange as some of the things that actually happened when we were wearing them. There were locals who asked our ‘policeman’ for advice (which he was happy to provide!), whilst another person drove past yelling at him and waving a parking fine he apparently was not so happy to have received. Then there were people who yelled at our (pretend) ‘pick-pocket’. And possibly most amazing of all was when a man saw us filming near his car and offered to let us borrow his gorgeous red Fiat 500 and even drive off in it for a scene!

Of course, as with any country, there are many more do’s and don’ts, social norms, expectations and etiquettes and for this we have created  a community of past, present and future travelers to Italy to ask questions, share points of advice and the like.

So to ensure you don’t trip up on an Italy trip, stay tuned for our top travel tips for Italy trips and be sure to join our Top Travel Tips for Italy Trips group!

Take a peak at our Top Travel Tips video series preview:

7 Top Travel Tips for Trips to Italy

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