Top Travel Tips for Italy Trips: How to Pack

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7 tips before your trip to Italy - Tip #3: How to pack
Packing advice, tips for travelling to Italy, travelling to Italy

Packing well can mean the difference for a great holiday in Italy, which is why we have put together some travel advice for packing and preparing for a trip to Italy.

1. Many accommodations in Italy are not equipped with elevators, meaning you have to take the stairs. This is great news if you’re trying to work up an appetite in preparation for the great Italian food. It’s not so great if you’re lugging heavy suitcases up the stairs!

2. Italians have a saying about ‘dressing like an onion’. No, it’s not a costume idea for a fancy dress party, it’s about layering. Layers mean you can adjust the amount of clothing you have to the temperature. It gives you more mix and match options. And best of all… if you splatter your spaghetti sauce on your shirt, you can easily cover it up!

3. Unless you’re actually going hiking and camping in Italy, there is no need to dress like you are. Italians are generally quite well dressed and you don’t want to feel like a fish out of water, or a hiker in the middle of a glamorous city. The safest dress code for Italy is smart (comfortable) casual. Your travel pics will be all the nicer for it too!

4.  Try to think about the clothes you pack for your trip to Italy also in terms of colour loads for the washing machine rather than having lights, colours and darks to separate.

5. Pack one pair of old but comfy shoes you won’t be too sad to throw out if you need more luggage space, but that you’ll appreciate having if your feet get sore from lots of walking.

6. For our best packing tip for a trip to Italy… watch our video on how to pack!

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  1. Nice post. In traveling packing is very stressful and figuring out what to pack is daunting. I don’t like packing but you have given very essential tips for manage packing in most effective way. Few tips are really help in my next trip packing thanks for this educational post.

  2. It is very important to carry a light weight luggage during traveling as it makes traveling more easier and comfortable. These are really some essential packing tips that will definitely help people in managing their travel bags in a better way. Thank you. Grazia.