Packing Tips for Italy Trips – Light is a Delight!

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Stairs of a B&B in Florence where the elevator starts from the 1st floor!

Travelling in Italy, one thing you’ll notice beyond on all the historical buildings and collection after collection of master artworks, is the stairs.

Given that Italians have to pack accommodations for 60-something million people in a small land mass, for most the only way is up!

And with the majority of buildings and towers in Italy having been constructed well before the invention of elevators, often the only way up is via the stairs.

Even the trains in Italy have stairs to get up and down, with your luggage.

The few buildings in Italy that are equipped with elevators have often had to squeeze them in, meaning they can be quite small – even as small as one person and one piece of luggage at a time.

And if you’re visiting Venice, consider the city is constructed over the water and has 409 bridges – most of which have at least a few steps to get up and over.  There are no cars in Venice city either, meaning the only way around is either on foot or via boats, which are also quite small to be able to pass along the narrow canals and, of course, under all those bridges!

Thus it is not just for reasons of being able to go all out on the great shopping that we suggest packing light when visiting Italy!

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A great tip to ensure you don’t trip up on your Italy trip!

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