Driving in Italy? Um… maybe not!

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Italy is the home of great quality leather shoes and is where the wedge heel was invented. With good reason.

Given that the  narrow streets and charming winding roads were built just a tad prior to the invention of motorvehicles, Italy is best explored in the old, old-fashioned way… on foot.

Sure there are busses and taxis, but even they must circumnavigate the charming villages and city centres, meaning you still end up having to walk into the area where most of the must-see sights in Italy are located.

As to driving yourself in Italy? Well, that is certainly only for the faint hearted (or ill-informed) for the most part.

Visiting cities like Florence, you’ll find the city centre is closed to non-authorised vehicles, the parking stations are way out of the centre and the local parking police are very efficient if you happen to break the rules!

Venice and the Cinque Terre of course have no vehicle access anyway.  And even many Italians will refuse to drive in Rome.

Driving around the countryside is a little easier, but keep in mind that most of the top wineries in Italy are family-run and do not have open cellar doors where you can just rock up without knowing the owners and making an appointment.

That’s half the charm of Tuscany, for example. Well, a quarter of it anyway once you add in the food, wine and views!

To avoid driving and still being able to visit many locations, there are the Trenitalia and Italo train companies, which are actually must faster and certainly more confortable than driving anyway. They are even equipped with bar and restroom facilities.

And of course, when planning a trip to Italy consider packing comfy shoes and being prepared to walk. Lots!

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