Italy by Sea – a great way to travel

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A great way to travel around Italy is by overnight ferry.

We recently travelled this way ourselves and as we watched the sunset, we were lucky enough to be serenaded by a group of musicians who happened to be travelling as well. To the sounds of folky Italian guitar playing and a beautiful harmony of voices, we watched the sun slither down the sky, back-lighting a series of small islands off the coast of Italy.

Lulled to sleep by the soft cradling of the sea, we slept like babies.

Then, in the morning, our cappuccino was served with a side of stunning sunrise (and a deliciously flaky pastry), the perfect way to wake up on vacation, well prepared for a wonderful day of sightseeing in Italy!

Travelling this way, we avoided having to make our way to airports which are located outside of the cities, not to mention skipping going through airport security queues and then hanging out in the airport for hours before a flight.

Travelling by ferry, we also avoided the high stress of driving in Italy.

Instead, we pulled up a deckchair and watched the world (or at least the stunning Italian coastline) cruise by.

Do be careful though if considering an actual cruise around Italy, as you need up to several hours in travel time getting from the ports to the main cities of FlorenceRomeVenice for example, leaving not much time for seeing the sites. You also have to have dinner on-board  instead of being able to enjoy the fabulous food in Italy.


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