Bishops check mates: Vatican survey on relationships

Vatican tours, skip the line Vatican entry, things to do in Rome, sightseeing Rome, Vatican tour guide In a week in which Italians have been caught redefining the concept of a ‘quickie’ by seeking fast-track divorces abroad and Pope Francis has suspended the so-called ‘Bishop of Bling’, the Catholic church has also sent out a survey to bishops around the world asking for opinions on modern families. Pope Francis will then use the responses to formulate topics for a meeting of bishops at the Vatican in October 2014 to discuss the Church and family issues. Questions posed concern the place of divorcees and de facto couples in the church, contraception, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. There are also questions about how to spread the word of the church and expanding congregations. The entire Vatican survey is on the Vatican website. Pope Francis has famously said it is not for him to judge people based on their sexuality, and that the Catholic Church puts too much focus on the controversial topics that form the basis of the survey. Since being elected, Pope Francis has also put together a group known as the “Vatican G8” comprised of bishops from around the world to rewrite the church’s 1998 constitution and to address problems with Vatican administration. *** With around 5 million visitors per year, the Vatican is a must-see destination for those in Rome, if not just for its amazing history and artworks held there within. On our small-group Vatican tour, our groups are amongst the very first to enter the Vatican, whilst our expert Vatican guides bring the history of the Vatican to life! Artviva: tours in FlorenceRomeVeniceCinque Terre, Umbria, Naples, Pompeii & more.

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