Obama to meet Pope Francis in Rome, Italy

Obama's visit to Italy, 2014
Obama’s visit to Italy, 2014

Obama is set to meet Pope Francis in Rome, Italy tomorrow, 27th March.

In Italy, Obama will also be meeting Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano, having already met Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the recent Nuclear Security Summit in The Netherlands.

Obama and Napolitano also met in 2009.
Obama and Napolitano also met in 2009.

But all work and no play can make even Obama a dull boy. So while in Rome, the President of the United States will also be playing tourist with a private tour of the Coliseum.

As to what Pope Francis and Obama may have to talk about, there are many controversial issues on which the two are known to have differences in opinion to discuss, from gender equality, contraception, current world conflicts and gay marriage.

Or they could just play it safe and talk about the splendid spring weather Italy is currently enjoying and smile for what is sure to be a plethora of cameras nearby!

Next week, Pope Francis is scheduled to meet the Queen of England.


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Photo credit for Obama picture with Italian flag: studionews24.com

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