Rome Restorations: Trevi Fountain

Trevi Founder works underway  (Photo from
Trevi Founder works underway
(Photo from

Like many an aging beauty, one of Rome’s most fabulous must-see sites, the Trevi Fountain, is having a little work done.

Nothing major, of course, just a few discreet interventions.

There is going to be some work on removing blemishes from the marble façade and clearing up of a couple of dark spots by way of new lighting. Implants of new pumps will be also undertaken.

And to keep away the crows pigeon feet, there’ll be some lifting of deterrent barriers.

The water, from an aqueduct that is said to have quenched thirsts of the ancient Romans, has been drained to allow for the works, whilst most of the fountain is under scaffolding.

The Trevi Fountain works are being covered by the Fendi fashion house as part of an Italian government project to allow companies to sponsor works in exchange for advertising space.

All up, this restoration is going to cost around 2.2 million euro and take just under 1.5 years.

Given the fountain is 252 years old, that’s really not so long.

And if you’re travelling to Italy during this time and upset about seeing this great place to visit in Rome covered in scaffolding, hopefully a nice gelato or delicious glass of wine can go a little way in cheering you up.

Until restorations are complete, our Original Rome Walk Tour will be skipping a visit to the Trevi Fountain.

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