Florence’s 1st Cultural Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Off

Pazzi Chapel Loggia in Florence, Italy
Pazzi Chapel Loggia in Florence, Italy
Pazzi Chapel Loggia in Florence, Italy

A new international crowdfunding campaign is being launched to restore the historic loggia of the Pazzi Chapel in Florence, Italy. It is the first time such an endeavour has been undertaken for a restauration in Florence, being led by the Opera di Santa Croce.

Located within the cloister of the Santa Croce Basilica in Piazza Santa Croce, The Pazzi Chapel is considered a true masterpiece of the Renaissance.

The main use of the Pazzi Chapel was as a chapterhouse to hold meetings and seminars, even if the underlining intention of most such endeavours was to increase the esteem of the financial sponsor. This was particularly so with the Pazzi family being fierce rivals of the Medici family.

The chapel dates back to the 1440s when the head of the Pazzi family, Andrea, undertook construction of a design by famed Florentine architect, Filippo Brunelleschi (he of the great dome of Florence’s cathedral).

By the time it was completed around two decades later, Brunelleschi was no longer around to see the finished architectural masterpiece. It is believed that building was completed by Michelozzo and Giuliano da Maiano, who are likely to have also come up with the addition of the loggia that runs across the front of the Pazzi Capel.

Its barrel-vaulted form features a central dome that has been adorned with rosettes. The loggia was constructed in such a way as to provide continuity for the pre-existing cloister structures on either side of the chapel.

The crowdfunding campaign #CrazyForPazzi is being launched on Monday, 17th November 2014 with the support of The Florentine, the great English-language newspaper in Florence.

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