The best gelato in Florence?

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Where can you find the best gelato in Florence?

Right now, we are enamoured with the gelato of Marco Ottaviano from Il Gelato Gourmet.

In the last few months, we have been very happily working our way through the delicious flavours on offer in this gem of a gelateria in Florence.

Chatting with the owner and his lovely wife Cinzia one day, we were invited to have a private gelato lesson with Marco, an absolute gelato expert.

We were shown how, using only fresh and quality ingredients, Marco prepares the gelato base.

His first secret is to use only a few, top-quality ingredients that are carefully measured out to make the base of what may just be the best gelato in Florence.

Following ancient traditions, the gelato is made fresh each day in small quantities to avoid using artificial preservatives and other non-essential additives.

There are then various ways to add the flavour to the gelato.

To achieve a coffee-flavoured gelato for example, the coffee beans are soaked in the liquid base mixture. Their aroma is infused into the liquid before the beans are strained off and the liquid is churned to produce the best gelato al café we have ever tasted.

The Italian version of chocolate chip ice-cream is known as “stracciatella”, which means something more like “streaky”. Once a creamy basic gelato has been made, quality melted chocolate is stirred in to leave ‘streaks’ of chocolate throughout.

Similarly, for Philadelphia cheese gelato the base gelato is made before the cream cheese is stirred in using an immersion blender.

The end result is our favourite gelato in Florence!

Ask Marco about private gelato lessons. We also have a great range of hands-on cooking classes in Florence and Cooking Classes in a Tuscan Villa.

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