Top Tips for Italy Travel 2015 #2

Do you need ID when travelling in Italy?
Do you need ID when travelling in Italy?

We recently asked out wonderful tour guides for some more top tips for travel in Italy. This gem comes from our expert Florence tour guide, Corinna:

Always have photo ID on you when travelling in Italy!

When on holiday in Italy, it is quite tempting to leave most of your documents in the hotel safe.

It is however the law in Italy that you must carry photo ID on you at all times.

Aside from your passport needed to catch flights, other times when you might need to show ID on your Italy holiday include:

  • Registering at hotels
  • Retrieving museums tickets
  • At the security checks you must pass through to get into many major sites, such as the Vatican for example
  • To purchase reduced-priced tickets for children
  • To utilise the internet at some internet cafés
  • When registering for an Italian cell phone
  • When asked by the local police
  • If you receive a traffic fine
  • To collect pre-reserved train tickets
  • To collect rental cars (when a driver’s licence is required)
  • Sending parcels abroad at the post office or via courier

If you’re not so keen on carrying originals, you can just carry a clear photocopy of your ID most of the time. However, do be sure to check if this is acceptable. If you are crazy enough to drive in Italy, you will need your original driver’s license for example.

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