Top Tips for Italy Travel 2015 #4: Best way to travel around Italy

Transport in Italy
Transport in Italy
Catching the train is usually the best way to travel in Italy.

Our latest Italy travel tip comes from our guide, Kane, a regular train-traveller in Italy.

Italy travel tip #4: Catch the train!

When travelling between cities in Italy, it is usually quicker, faster and cheaper to catch the train rather than to drive in Italy.

Italy has an excellent public transport system, particularly for trains.

Whilst driving in Italy is not for the faint hearted, on the train you can relax and take in the lovely views. On the fast trains, there are restrooms, Wi-Fi, food carts, power outlets to recharge your devices and relatively comfortable seats.

You might also meet some nice people sitting next to you to chat to, or you can pass the time reading a book, writing postcards, listening to music, napping, taking in the splendid views, relaxing and enjoying other such holiday pleasures.

As to some tips for catching the train in Italy, we have some pointers to share to make catching the train in Italy easier.

Pack light as there are stairs to get on and off most trains.  There are no porters however so be wary of anyone acting as an official offering to help with your luggage.

For regional trains, be sure to validate your train tickets. There are machines on the train platforms to do so before you board the train. Ticket inspectors regularly check the tickets and will hand out fines if the tickets have not been time and date stamped.

Many of the train stations have baggage deposits so you can even leave your luggage there ahead of time so you are free to continue exploring.

Driving in Italy?

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