Italy travel tip #5: Bigger isn’t better for best restaurants in Italy

Beyoncé in Florence Italy
Beyoncé in Florence Italy
Beyoncé dining in one of Florence’s best (and smallest) pizzerias

Looking for where to eat in Italy? See a menu offering a large variety of different kind of foods such as pizza, pasta, seafood, meat and more?

Most Italians would keep walking.

Our tip for dining in Italy is: look for Italian restaurants with small menus.

Italian food is great for its simplicity, for its use of top-quality fresh ingredients prepared in ways that exalt the natural flavours.

The best places to eat in Italy are often those with simple and relatively small menu options. In this way, the kitchen can be sure to have the freshest of ingredients and be experts at making what is on offer.

Extra points are scored for handwritten menus, as it means the offerings are based on what is best at the market at the time.

Our bonus tip for eating in Italy is: eat dinner later for a true Italian dining experience!

Italians eat dinner late, usually sitting down to dine in Italy at around 8.00-9.00 pm.

Restaurants thus have their first seatings at around 7.30pm.

If you find somewhere that is willing to serve up a ‘traditional’ Italian meal outside of meal times, it is likely tailoring to the tourist market. That’s not to say they won’t have good food, they may very well have. It just means most locals will be dining later, and likely elsewhere.

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