Italy travel tip #7: Get out of the cities

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Florence, Rome, Venice and Milan are arguably the best cities in Italy to visit.

However, touring only the main cities of Italy can mean you miss out on some of the most stunning views of Italy, the most pleasurable aspects of Italian culture and the best in relaxing experiences.

Our latest Italy travel tip is to, yes, tour Florence, visit Rome, travel to Venice and explore Milan….and also allow time to take in the more natural landscapes Italy has to offer.

Some of the most stunning and thus most-loved and famous landscapes of Italy are in Tuscany. Replete with undulating hills tipped with medieval villages, vineyards, beaches, lakes and mountains, it really does have everything nature has to offer.

Trekking in Tuscany a wonderful way to get back to nature, and earn your pasta afterwards!

Umbria and Veneto also have lush countrysides to explore… not to mention some great wine country too.

How to get around in Italy: 

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