WINE HARVEST IN ITALY – The vat stats are in!

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Now that the 2015 grape harvest in Italy is complete and production of the ensuing Italian wines is well underway, wine estates in Italy are able to reflect on the wine year that was.

This summer saw the hottest temperatures on record combined with little rain fall – the perfect conditions for forming quality grapes for the Italian wine production.

Some 48.9 hectolitres of wine were produced in Italy in 2015, which – as Italians are quite happy to boast – beats that of their main wine challenger, France, and Spain also.

Italy boasts a rich collection of more than 500 varieties that will be going into the vast variety of traditional regional and more new-era wines, including Supertuscans.

Around the world, 17% of wine purchased comes from Italy, with Italian wine producers hoping this will only increase over time.

But as any connoisseur of a good thing knows, it’s not only the size that matters – it’s also about quality.

This is why Italian wine producers cut back heavily on their vines throughout the season to ensure that what is eventually harvested is of the utmost quality, a production technique known even to the Medici family.

The good news is that the Italian wine producers say there is still much more to be done to improve production and wines so watch this space or, better yet, visit us – several times over.

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