FERRAGAMO: Fashion and Footwear in Florence

  Florence is arguably one of the most fashionable locations in Italy, a hub of artisanship and design that dates back to Renaissance times. One of the biggest names is undoubtedly Ferragamo, who have their store, headquarters and museum in their stunning historical palace in the city centre of Florence. With our ArtViva Tours office […]

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Think Tank – A conference discussing the latest on the travel industry

Tourism as we know it has come a long way from its roots. Once solely exclusive to the wealthy, academics, or those seeking health or spiritual improvement, travelling is now one of the most popular activities internationally – accessible to most, desired by almost all. With the rapid increase of popularity in the tourism industry, […]

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Eating gluten free in Italy

Gluten Free Food and wine in Italy with ArtViva Walking Tours in Florence

Travelling with a food intolerance (such as gluten) or allergy (like with Celiac disease) is never easy. Visiting Italy and eating gluten-free might seem daunting, almost impossible, to some. The good news is that the prevalence of wheat in the Italian cuisine has made the land of pizza, pasta and bread one of the most […]

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