Think Tank – A conference discussing the latest on the travel industry

Tourism as we know it has come a long way from its roots. Once solely exclusive to the wealthy, academics, or those seeking health or spiritual improvement, travelling is now one of the most popular activities internationally – accessible to most, desired by almost all.

With the rapid increase of popularity in the tourism industry, we have also seen a change in the way people travel. There was an obvious shift from mass, large group tourism, to more personalized and intimate travelling. People want to take back home with them a memory, a smile, a life lesson – more than they want to take home memorabilia as a souvenir.

That being said, some things remain the same over the years – people still seek recommendations and they still want to make the best out of their time somewhere. The thing that has changed is the medium through which they do this.

What was previously a recommendation from a friend by word of mouth is now a like or a check-in on Facebook; or a photo of a scrumptious meal on Instagram. TripAdvisor has almost replaced asking a local for the closest or best restaurant in the area – and blogs and online platforms have almost entirely taken the place of guidebooks, as the former give a face and name, and not solely a multinational company’s logo.

This shift in attitude, together with today’s ever-changing world has led all those involved in the industry around the world, both on a local as well as on a national level to make sure they are adapting to the change – including here in Italy, where tourism is one of the industries that define the country today. Legislation has been changed, service providers have been adapting and re-shaping their product, and all to make sure that travelers get what they have originally sought in the first place – instants, moments and memories to take back home.

Whether you are in the industry as a blogger, or whether you are in the industry as a service provider – if you are interested in learning more about how tourism has been changing here in Italy, particularly in Tuscany make sure to join Think Tank, a seminar that will take place on the 27th May 2016. Speakers include Paul Richer, founder of GENESYS Digital Transformation; and Federico Lucarelli – expertise as a lawyer will outline what is going on in the tourism industry terms of regional, national as well as European levels. For more information as well as to register as a participant, contact FIAVET on 055 2345460 or The conference starts at 9.00am, at the Auditorium della Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze in Via Folco Portinari n. 5. 

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