DOs, DON’Ts & OH NO, YOU DIDN’T?!s: Etiquette in Italy

Part of the joys of travel to a foreign land is about immersing yourself in a new culture, embracing alternative ways of living and experiencing differences. As such, part of any preparations for a trip to another land should involve a little research into the do’s and don’ts, the lay of the land you’re travelling […]

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La Befana: 1 Wise Woman

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At a time when most of us are already some days into our new year’s resolution of eating lighter and drinking less, Italians are gearing up for yet another feast! 6th January marks the Epiphany on (most) Christian calendars, the date when the little baby Jesus was said to have been revealed as being the […]

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December Slow Food Events in Italy

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The silly season is a great for any serious foodie. This is particularly so in Tuscany, where the foods are wholesome, hearty and delicious. And with most foods still prepared in traditional ways, they are even good for you! For the dedicated foodie, there are a great range of Slow Food events taking place in […]

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Vegetarian Food in Florence: from meat to mmmm-eat!

Simple flavours combine for the best tastes.

Working your gastronomical way through the list of must-try food in Florence, you’re gonna eat a lot of (albeit it absolutely delicious) meatstuff, none more famous than the Bistecca alla Fiorentina (that’s beefsteak Florentine style). But there is also much flare to vegetarian fare in Florence.

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Real Italian Dish: Risotto con Zucchine recipe

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We were recently invited by Alberto, author of a fabulous home Italian cookery blog, to share his receipes, and with typical Italian recipes as delicious as the below (with step-by-step pictures to match!), how could we refuse?! RISOTTO (RICE) WITH COURGETTES risotto con zucchine Hi guys!!! You are ready for a new dish!?! Today we cooking […]

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Maybe it is because they are only in season for a few weeks a year, or perhaps because of how delicate they are to prepare. Possibly it is because they just so pretty. But the most likely explanation as to why Italians go crazy for ‘Fiori di Zucca’ is that they are just so delicious! […]

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Simple Summer Pasta Recipes

Standing over a hot stove preparing a delicious traditional slow-cooked Italian meal is divinely lovely in winter… but not so much in summer when we’d rather make a delicious traditional quick Italian recipe instead! That is why the Italians have developed a great range of cool simple summer pasta recipes to enjoy during the warmer […]

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Venice: Make mine a Spritz (or make it yourself with this Spritz recipe!)


There are many great things to see and do in Venice – from gliding along the canals in a gondola, to visiting the island of Murano to see a master glassblower at work. But once the Bridge of Sighs has been sighted, you’ve visited the stunning San Marco Square and its dazzling Basilica, and toured the […]

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