Top Tips for Italy Travel 2015 #3: Ordering food

Travel Tips Italy

This tip for travelling in Italy that comes from our much-loved Florence tour guide, Brenda. Don’t over-order food. On any holiday in Italy, it’s tempting to want to try as many different foods as possible. Indeed, many people travel to Italy just for the food (and with good reason). It is however considered bad manners […]

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Frittelle: delicious Tuscan sweet recipe

Frittelle, traditional Italian sweets, hilltop towns Tuscany, cooking in Italy, italian food

Italians love marking every celebration and festival with a traditional food item. Around the time of Carnevale and the feast day of St Joseph (which in Italy is also Father’s Day), you’re likely to start seeing some delicious sweets known as Frittelle. Frittelle are rice cooked in milk then mixed into a sweet dough, formed […]

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How to spot a top restaurant in Italy

Italy can turn any food eater into a passionate food lover. All it may take is one lick of an authentic gelato, a forkful of hand-made pasta coated with the perfectly-paired sauce, perhaps a taste of fresh mozzarella cheese… and – voila! – a foodie is born. And if you’re already a gourmand, then Italy […]

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Wild about boar – wild boar lunch in Tuscany

Sunday lunch in Italy is traditionally a day to spend with the family, lingering around the dining table for hours and enjoying an abundant meal comprised of traditional, home-cooked dishes made from local produce, and enjoyed with a glass or two of locally produced wine. In the small Tuscan town of Certaldo, this Sunday lunch […]

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