Top Tips for Italy Travel 2015 #3: Ordering food

Travel Tips Italy

This tip for travelling in Italy that comes from our much-loved Florence tour guide, Brenda. Don’t over-order food. On any holiday in Italy, it’s tempting to want to try as many different foods as possible. Indeed, many people travel to Italy just for the food (and with good reason). It is however considered bad manners […]

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Frittelle: delicious Tuscan sweet recipe

Frittelle, traditional Italian sweets, hilltop towns Tuscany, cooking in Italy, italian food

Italians love marking every celebration and festival with a traditional food item. Around the time of Carnevale and the feast day of St Joseph (which in Italy is also Father’s Day), you’re likely to start seeing some delicious sweets known as Frittelle. Frittelle are rice cooked in milk then mixed into a sweet dough, formed […]

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DRUNKEN PASTA: Recipes, rules and regulations of Italy’s most loved food item – with a twist!

  It’s no secret that Italians love their food and wine. In Italian culture, it is tradition that food and alcohol are consumed together. That’s why, for example, pre-dinner drinks (known as ‘aperativo’) involve a drink served with nibbles. In most Italian homes at the conclusion of a typical Italian meal, the wine bottle is […]

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