Italy’s sweet Christmas treat: Panettone

For foodies like us, the first sign of Christmas approaching in Italy is seeing the bakeries stocking fresh-made Panettone*. Panettone is light and fluffy, meaning that a slice of this traditional Italian Christmas recipe may be as big as both your hands cupped together. Translating to something like ‘Big Bread’, it’s a kind of a […]

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Italian Food – best foods to try in Italy

Local italian foods, what to eat in Italy

One of the best ways to experience cultural immersion in Italy is simply to enjoy a delicious  Italian meal! Each region of Italy has unique specialties that have evolved throughout the centuries to perfectly combine the local in-season ingredients. There are a few tricks to ensuring that you can enjoy the true local cuisine. Firstly, […]

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Brussels sprouts – our favourite! The Italian secret recipe to eating (and enjoying) your vegetables! *Including Tessa Kiros recipe*

It’s no secret that Tuscan food is delicious. It’s also world-famous for being one of the few cuisines that is also good for you. But did you know that traditional Tuscan recipes can also produce miracles? For this week, Artviva is proud to announce that a gastronomic miracle did occur ? an entire, large family […]

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