Frittelle: delicious Tuscan sweet recipe

Frittelle, traditional Italian sweets, hilltop towns Tuscany, cooking in Italy, italian food

Italians love marking every celebration and festival with a traditional food item. Around the time of Carnevale and the feast day of St Joseph (which in Italy is also Father’s Day), you’re likely to start seeing some delicious sweets known as Frittelle. Frittelle are rice cooked in milk then mixed into a sweet dough, formed […]

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Things to do in Tuscany: Fishing (and the joys of learning Italian) – including Italian seafood recipe

‘Why do we have so much fish juice and no other juice variety left?’, asked the new-comer to Florence in her still-a-little-rough Italian who had found a job working in a coffee shop in Florence’s city centre. ‘Fish juice?’, her colleagues questioned. ‘Yes, this succo di pesce – I have never sold even one bottle!’ […]

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Italian food at Christmas – including delicious winter dessert recipe to warm your hearts and bellies!

Food in Italy is fabulous all year ‘round. But there is definitely extra love put into all dishes enjoyed around Christmas time.   As with the Slow Food* ideals developed in line with traditional cooking methods in Italy, recipes evolve throughout the year in-line with the freshest of in-season produce.   At Christmas time, in […]

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