Top Tips for Italy Travel 2015 #3: Ordering food

Travel Tips Italy

This tip for travelling in Italy that comes from our much-loved Florence tour guide, Brenda. Don’t over-order food. On any holiday in Italy, it’s tempting to want to try as many different foods as possible. Indeed, many people travel to Italy just for the food (and with good reason). It is however considered bad manners […]

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Italy DOs and DON’Ts – pushing in is fine, just don’t touch the apples!

The Uffizi Gallery has just issued a list of rules for visitors to the museum. It got us thinking about etiquette generally in Italy. For instance, when you entre a store, you should ask permission to browse. In Italian you say, ‘Permesso?’ -as in, ‘May I?’-  when you walk into a shop. It is considered […]

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