Maybe it is because they are only in season for a few weeks a year, or perhaps because of how delicate they are to prepare. Possibly it is because they just so pretty. But the most likely explanation as to why Italians go crazy for ‘Fiori di Zucca’ is that they are just so delicious! […]

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Simple Summer Pasta Recipes

Standing over a hot stove preparing a delicious traditional slow-cooked Italian meal is divinely lovely in winter… but not so much in summer when we’d rather make a delicious traditional quick Italian recipe instead! That is why the Italians have developed a great range of cool simple summer pasta recipes to enjoy during the warmer […]

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San Lorenzo – prepare your wishes for this stellar night in Italy!

Falling Perseid meteors - 'stelle cadenti' that many Italians will be wishing upon for San Lorenzo.

Tonight, Italy is celebrating the night of San Lorenzo, when ‘stelle cadenti’ – falling stars – are set to streak across the night skies. Whilst falling stars are much more common towards the end of July and the beginning of August, the evening of San Lorenzo is the night in which the falling stars are […]

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Cutting Edges: Gardens in Florence, Tuscany

Santa bloom?!

The term ‘guerrilla’ comes from the Spanish for ‘little war’. Historically it has been utilised to refer to partisan warfare, however new and much more pleasant uses have been blooming around the world, and Florence is no exception. There is Guerrilla Filmmaking and the colourful Guerrilla Knitting* (also known as ‘yarn bombing’) for instance. However, perhaps […]

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Tastes of Tuscany: books, looks and cooks

One of the many charms of Tuscany is the plethora of small Tuscan village towns where local traditions, recipes and customs remain virtually unchanged throughout the centuries. These villages, set amidst a stunning Tuscan countryside, afford beautiful views that seem to let you look out over eons past, over landscape carefully tendered throughout the centuries […]

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Putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising – In Giardino per il Meyer

On Sunday, 24th June, 2012 a great event is being held in Tuscany to raise money for the Meyer Children’s Hospital. At the beautiful Villa Bardini, from 7.00pm at the Villa park, there will be a ‘tasting path’ to walk along for tastings of delicious local gourmet foods and wines of excellence presented by Slow […]

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Popes & Roses: A day out in Tuscany

It was a wonderfully overcast Sunday morning, the kind that almost insists you stay in bed that little extra, take a bit more time sipping on your morning coffee and contemplating the meaning of life…or at least what you’ll be having for lunch. Clearly we weren’t the only ones focusing on such important questions (lunch, […]

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Fiesole: Etruscans, Romans, Florentines…and Native Americans?!

Fiesole – charming hilltop town, surrounded by stunning Tuscan panoramas and postcard-worthy views of nearby Florence. But tonight, this serene Tuscan village town is hosting an event which may seem somewhat out of context – an evening of Native American music performed by the Sacred Drums group! But cultural exchange is nothing new for this […]

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At the end of a delicious Italian meal, when there is not much room for dessert, or better yet (since – let’s be honest – there’s ALWAYS room for dessert) as an after-dessert treat, there’s nothing nicer than sitting around the table enjoying a glass of the Italian dessert wine, Vin Santo. There are, as […]

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