Putting the Mo’ on the Mona Lisa….

Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, art tours Italy

Mo’ debate has raged about the true identity of Mona Lisa and the meaning behind the painting. (S)he has also inspired a great stache of songs  (lots & lots  of songs!) and several films. But what would Leonardo da Vinci think about seeing his portrait depicted with a tash? It’s actually not the first time that one of the most iconic […]

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The night of nights: Seracini and Renzi, Vinci and da Vinci, the US Consol General… and Artviva!

We at Artviva have long been supporters of the project to find the lost da Vinci masterpiece, ‘The Battle of Anghiari’, having worked with da Vinci sleuth Maurizio Seracini himself for some years in promoting his cause. This week we were lucky enough to be invited to a private meeting with Seracini to hear all […]

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New clues in lost Da Vinci saga come to light!

News sites around the world are reporting on the exciting update on the search for the lost Leonardo da Vinci being sought out by our good friend Maurizio Seracini. The Leonardo da Vinci work was started in 1505 and lost soon thereafter. Seracini has been seeking out the work for some 40-years. Titled ‘The Battle […]

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