The Best of Tuscany Tour: What to Expect

the best tuscany tour

  Tuscany has so much to offer: art, history, local culture, food, wine, countryside and sunshine. It can be really tough to know where to start to get the best from the region. Personally I’m still discovering new delights, even after spending years here and after countless Tuscany tours. So if you’re only visiting the […]

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A Perfect Morning in Tuscany!

This morning in Tuscany, walking in the beautiful countryside along the river Elsa, a beautiful mist rose off the still Elsa waters as one early-riser Artviva staff-member was out this morning walking Greta, the bi-lingual, expert-stick-catching* dog. The trees stood leaf-naked, last year’s abandoned bird nests exposed. A few early arrival birds were also to […]

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