Grape Stomping in Tuscany

Grape stomping is a traditional form of maceration that dates back to Roman times, at least as far back as 200 BC, which involves placing freshly-harvested grapes in a barrel. People would then climb inside barefoot and squish the juice out of the grapes using their own body weight as the ‘press’. The juice would then […]

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Tuscany, Italy: Snow White

Taking a drive in the Pistoia province in Tuscany, on the way to the small town of Abetone. Less than 700 people call Abetone home, although they have a lot more company during the winter when many skiers flock to the area to take advantage of the snowy slopes. The history of Abetone dates back […]

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Celebrating Italy Bike Riders!

  With his recent Tour de France victory, Italian Vincenzo Nibali became the first Italian to win the world’s most famous cycling race in 16 years. It came just a few days after another important celebration for Italian cycling, the centenary of the birth of Gino Bartali. Born in 1914 in the quaint Tuscan village of […]

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Italy recipe: how to make & use Pesto

“Pesto” normally refers to Pesto alla Genovese, made from fresh basil and pine nuts. It is commonly served coasting pasta and being a dish that can be prepared in advance and then served either warm or cool, it is a staple item in many an Italian fridge throughout Spring and Summer. Whilst it can be […]

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Weddings in Italy: traditions and superstitions

proposal in florence italy

Getting married in Italy is enriched by great traditions (and some superstitions), many of which are still kept alive to this day. In the past, marriages would often be arranged by the families of the potential couple or even through the use of an official matchmaker, with engagements being based more on agreements than romance. Today […]

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