Non-Touristy Experiences for Florence and Tuscany

San Gimignano Day Trip From Florence ArtViva Tours

How can you get the same unique travel experience that takes you away from the crowds and off-the-beaten-track, but still visits the must-see sites and places in Florence and around Tuscany? We all want to discover the best-kept secrets, but tourist attractions are usually things you can’t miss for a reason. Most of the time, […]

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Dragon Boat Festival Comes to Florence and Artviva Welcomes with Discounted Tours!

Dragons on the Arno: Artviva is offering discounted tours and experiences to all Dragon Boat participants, their friends and families.  Florence will be the proud host of the Dragon Boat Festival for their first-ever event in Europe. Held once every four years and organized by the International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission, the Dragon Boat Festival […]

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9 Perfect Day Trips from Florence

Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance art and architecture, is known by many to be among the world’s most beautiful destinations. If you’ve soaked in the fashion, fine dining, and ambiance of the city and discovered its ins and outs, you’re ready to branch out and explore the surrounding areas. From the nearby seaside, rolling hills, […]

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The Great Grand Canal Expedition of Venice Tour: What to Expect

Venice Tour Grand Canal Carnivale Italy ArtViva Walking Tour

Venice is world-famous for its maze-like streets, glamorous architecture and myriad masks. But, above all, there’s one thing that’ll grab your attention wherever you go: the city’s glistening canals, which twist and turn their way through La Serenissima and radiate an utterly romantic charm. Although Venice’s extensive aquatic network branches off at every possible opportunity, […]

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Art & Culture Events in Florence June 2018

We at Artviva are currently sponsoring, creating and supporting some very interesting art and cultural projects:     Festival Del Viaggio A series of events Florence, Italy and Palermo, Sicily 1-14th June 2018   JODOROWSKI WALK Saturday the 9th of June at 6 am Departure Basilica of San Lorenzo “An urban walk without ever bending” […]

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7 Traditional Local Dishes You Have to Try in Florence and Tuscany

Most people traveling to Italy already have a long list of Italian food and drinks they want to try—gelato, pasta, espresso, wine, and, of course, pizza. But while the image of Italian cuisine is pretty homogeneous overseas, the reality is anything but. For starters, there is no “Italian” cuisine—there are only local dishes mostly defined by […]

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8 Lesser-Known Things to See and Do in Florence

You’ve seen the world-class museums, tasted Bistecca alla Fiorentina, and visited Florence’s impressive cathedrals. After all, a trip to Florence wouldn’t be the same without spending time visiting the must-see sites and experiencing the Renaissance city’s cultural treasures. Even in a city as popular with tourists as Florence, however, there are still plenty of off […]

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More Than Florence: Tuscany’s Unexplored Destinations

Grosseto Lake Acceso Italy Tuscany ArtViva Tours

Beaches to rival Sardinia and mountains that link with the Alps—countryside to seaside, skyline to mountain range, Tuscany is a treasure trove of art, nature, and wonder. Yes, technically a trip to Florence will still take you to Tuscany, since Florence is the capital of the Tuscan region, but that’s being literal. As beautiful as […]

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