A Vine with Your Name: Adopt a Vine with ArtViva

Some of the most popular tours that we run at ArtViva revolve around wine. The attraction of Italian wines draws visitors to the country from around the globe. Since we witness firsthand the immense pleasure that our guests experience when they taste the product on site after meeting the vintners and exploring the winemaking process, we created a package that makes the perfect surprise gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

The Experience
Our guests join us at Villa Corsini outside Florence for a truly unique wine tasting event.

Imagine touring the 49 hectares of vineyards that are planted with Sangiovese, the grape variety that the villa owner harvests every year to produce Chianti Classico and IGT Principe Corsini.

You’ll be guided through the historic wine cellar which dates back to 1600, and stands on 3 levels below the ground. This byzantine system of rooms and tunnels beneath the villa and gardens is where the high quality wines are stored while they mature into the world renowned Chianti and IGT Principe Corsini.

The tour also includes a visit to the olive mill and orciaia, a uniquely surviving ancient storage facility for the olive oil produced by the estate.

We’ll take you into the villa itself where you’ll explore the well-preserved seventeenth-century architecture and decoration. At the back of the property you’ll see the historic kitchens which are an original feature of the estate. Its functioning garden still yields the vegetables and produce that will be used to prepare your lunch.

Prince Duccio Corsini
Principe Duccio Corsini, the villa’s current owner, personally accompanies you on your tour of his estates. His enthusiastic and generous hospitality will enhance your visit, and he invites you to join him for a traditional Tuscan lunch set in one of the lovely rooms that are accessed via a delightful courtyard. You can enjoy the view out onto the vast grounds lined with ancient cypress trees.

As the prince’s personal guest, you’ll enjoy the stories and history of his illustrious family, which includes a saint and a couple of popes!

Of course you can expect your meal to be accompanied by the current vintage Don Tommaso Chianti Classico crù. After the tour you’ll return home with two bottles of this signature wine as a gift from your host.

Watch Your Vine Grow
Prince Corsini will offer you your own vine with a plate inscribed with your name. You can watch it grow via regular updates from the estate which will follow its development to the stage when it bears fruit. After its harvest, Prince Corsini will send you 6 bottles of the Don Tomasso vintage that contains your grapes.

A Gift to Remember
This is a particularly special experience that takes the traditional wine tour to another level altogether. It could make the perfect gift or surprise for a loved one on your next trip to Tuscany, so get in touch with one of us to arrange the details of this unforgettable present.

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