And Away We Go Italy

Tom G. Carey – “And Away We Go Italy”

We love what we do, and so we are always thrilled when people love the results!

It was wonderful to receive the below from Mr. Carey, who did tours in Italy with us. Here is what Mr. Carey sent us:

My wife and I had a wonderful time listening to Count Capponi and Lisa Clifford while visiting Florence in September 2010. “Meet Artists and Writers of Florence” so impressed me I included several pages in my new book about the lecture series.

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and over thirty years of traveling and sketching throughout Italy I have completed “And Away We Go Italy.” This book is a visual and written tour of a number of cities in Italy.

“And Away We Go Italy” with architect artist Tom G. Carey is now available on line or on

I have included your link on my blog. We continue to provide positive input and support for Art Viva as we enjoyed our experience with Count Capponi and Lisa Clifford immensely and are looking forward to our next trip to Florence.


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