Art & Culture Events in Florence June 2018

We at Artviva are currently sponsoring, creating and supporting some very interesting art and cultural projects:



Festival Del Viaggio

A series of events Florence, Italy and Palermo, Sicily

1-14th June 2018



Saturday the 9th of June at 6 am

Departure Basilica of San Lorenzo

“An urban walk without ever bending” “Una camminata urbana senza mai curvare

Curated by Marzia Maestri and Pier Carlo Testa

(22 places available, reservations required)

Twenty-two flaneur like twenty-two major arcana of the Tarot will wander through the historic centre of Florence in single file, completely dressed in white, disseminating actions of beauty.

The start of the walk is in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo where the participants are each given a card of the major Arcana of the Tarot.

From that moment the participant becomes the card that has been entrusted to him. The walk will be carried out in single file with arrival on the Ponte Vecchio.

During the journey that will pass in Piazza del Duomo, then in Via Roma and Piazza della Repubblica, in Via Calimala and in Via Por Santa Maria up to Ponte Vecchio, the 22 participants will make stops and stage actions. The first action will be the reading aloud of a passage from Castelli di carte by Alejandro Jodorowski:

“There are twenty-two major Arcana in the Tarot.

Each of the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles is drawn inside a rectangle composed of two squares.

The upper square can symbolize the sky, the spiritual life, while the lower one the earth, the material life. At the center of the rectangle there is a third square that symbolizes the human being, a union between light and shadow, receptive upwards, active towards the earth “.

All this has as its purpose the complete immersion in a time and in another space, far from everyday life and the noise of routine.

Participation is limited to 22 spots, registration is required.

Scalzeggiata- A barefoot Walk in the Cascine Park

Sunday 10 June

10.30 am

Piazza Fillippo Mazzei

(Parco Le Cascine)

A barefoot walk in the Cascine park to enjoy connecting with the ground under our feet, to feel the grass, to get in contact with nature and with ourselves and to feel a little peace while connecting with Mother Earth’s energy.

For reservations for both events contact

Festival of Culture-Festa Cultura

A fabulous annual cultural festival directed and curated by John Hoenig FRSA. See website for information about the events, exhibitions and performances set around the feast day of Florence’s patron saint John the Baptist.

Art @ Artviva

Currently exhibiting in our  ArtViva office event space you will see wonderful art and craft works by:

Poetess of Cloth Patricia Black has gorgeous Shibori handmade pure silk velvet (from Lake Como) scarves on display and for sale.

You’ll also see beautiful oil paintings by Laura Thompson

Artviva Friends We Love

ArtViva friends currently exhibiting are:

Marc Vinciguerra at Palazzo Bembo in Venice with the exhibition titled Time Space Existence.

Marc is a French artist renowned for his figurative sculptures and paintings.

At palazzo Bembo Until 25th November 2018.

Elizabeth Orchard with her stunning silk painted art works and atmospheric paintings at the fabulous Castello di Gabbiano

Meri Lombardi has beautiful botanical works at Floraviva exhibition at the Padova Botanical Gardens until June 18th 2018.


to a talented upcoming new artist Myra Fiori who will be exhibiting at Manifesta Palermo Italy.

Myra’s photographic digital collages are fascinatingly beautiful, ironic and esoteric social commentaries.

Manifesta Palermo Italy from June 16th to November 4th 2018.

Artviva loves to organise personalised trips, tours, events and experiences around contemporary art exhibitions, artists and events. If you would like to organise a trip, experience  or event please contact us directly.

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