The Best Places to Celebrate International Women’s Day in Florence 2018

International Women’s Day was started in the early 1900’s, and it was first celebrated in 1911. Called ‘Festa delle Donne’ in Italy, it’s still a landmark celebration this side of the Atlantic. The official campaign theme for this year’s International Women’s Day? #PressforProgress, after the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report showed that gender parity is still a jaw-dropping 200 years away.

Feels a bit bleak? Don’t forget that International Women’s Day is a celebration. And in Italy, we celebrate by gifting flowers called mimosa, clusters of bright yellow wattle.

Photo: Coniferconifer, Mimosa, Flikr

Today, the sunshine-yellow flower is synonymous with the celebration. And while we can’t send you bouquets of mimosa, we can point you towards another type of mimosa: the cocktail kind. Whether you’re planning to brunch it out or dine it out, Florence has you covered with some of the cutest cocktail spots and bistros for you and the girls.


During the Day

Santarosa Bistrot | A little woodsy, a little folksy, and a little trendy, Santarosa is the Goldilocks of good breakfast spots—whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s just right. With both an outdoor garden and a glassed off seating area, it’s the perfect place for when you want the outdoor vibes of, well, the outdoors—and lunching in an open patio isn’t always feasible in the capricious Florence valley weather.

La Ménagère | Satisfy a craving for American-style brunch, which they offer up as late as noon; swing by for pre-dinner aperitivi and tapas; or grab a reservation for a late dinner during their jazz soirées. Soaring, vaulted ceilings and rustic, un-plastered pillars add the touch of the traditional; distressed wood and rusted metal give you the industrial vibes to amp up the atmosphere. The best part? There’s an adjoining flower shop inside, where you can get your (real) mimosa.

Floret | A fusion of upscale and earthy, this artisan kitchen and bar offers classic cuisine remixed into contemporary, clean-eating dishes—which you can enjoy in one of the chicest atmospheres Florence has to offer. Have a big breakfast or a late lunch and hold the side of guilt, because everything on their menu is made with organic, seasonal ingredients.

Evening and Night

Konnubio | Catch them open in the morning for a breakfast buffet or for your fix of sunny-side up, or later for a wine and dine in the evening. Offering up everything from fish to Florentine steak to vegan fare, there’s a dish in every course for each girl in the group. Feel free to hang around long after the plates are cleared—they turn into a cocktail bar in the evening, so you’ll have plenty of time to chat, relax, and make the evening last that much longer.

Se•Sto on Arno | Luxurious dishes, fine cuisine, and live music—all on a rooftop terrace with one of the most stunning views of Florence. The best time to visit is in the evening, while the sun is setting over the gold-peaked Duomo, and after it’s set, when the Florence skyline is lit past sundown. Whether you’re a local in the city or just loca for the city, you’ll love a pre-dinner aperitivo here, where you can sip on your cocktail while drinking in the panorama.

Cafè 19.26 | Tucked beside the Sant’Ambrogio market, this little Florence treasure has a sweet spot for rum and slow food. Eat, drink, and lounge in this swinger-styled bistro decorated with ancient books, vintage tables, circus chairs and rocking horse lamps, old newspaper prints, and a playlist of swing, Latin, and jazz hits. You’ll want more than one cocktail in this cozy post-dinner hideaway.

Manifattura | Dialling it back to the 30s and 40s with Italian speakeasy vibes and artful cocktails. One caveat: the drink menu is exclusively Italian—so no mezcal, no vodka. All their drinks have a base of Biancosarti, Amaro Sibilla Varnelli and Maraschino Luxardo. Their beats, like their bar rail, are Italian-only. But what’s a better way to wrap up the evening than by rewinding the clock in a vintage bar that serves out only vintage cocktails and turns up vintage music?

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