Bewitching – Italy’s macabre past unearthed!

Remains of what was believed to be a witch found near Lucca, Tuscany.
Which witch was which? Other remains found in the area near Lucca, Tuscany.

Amongst the gently undulating Tuscany hillside, draped with grape vines and dotted with olive groves, a dark and mysterious part of Italy’s history has been uncovered near Lucca.

In a ground that may have been used as a witches burial ground, archaeologists have discovered bones dating back some 800 years, believed by to be those of a local witch who came to a less than pleasant ending – buried in an unmarked shallow grave, with no coffin or shroud, and with seven nails had been driven into her jaw bone. There were another 13 nails around the body, believed to have been used to nail down her clothing in a presumed attempt to ensured she stayed put after her death!

Another woman’s skeleton was also found nearby, with 17* dice scattered around her remains. During the Middle Ages, women were not permitted to play with dice.

Strangely, the women were buried in the consecrated ground of an ancient church – certainly not a standard practice for witch burials. This has led to speculation that the women, aged around their mid-20s, belonged to well-to-do families from the local area.

The archaeological team from L’Aquila University was in fact searching for the remains of St Cerbonius, once a Bishop, who died over 1500 years ago. St Cerbonius is now patron saint of Piombino, the area in which the bones were discovered.

For those who wish to explore the darker side of Italy’s history, there is a Museum of Torture located in Siena, San Gimignano, San Marino and Volterra where you can see some gut-churching medieval torture devices.

There is also the much more peaceful  so-called ‘English cemetery’ in Florence, the burial ground for non-Catholics in Florence,  certainly an unusual place to see in Florence. Here lie the remains of Victorian-era poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning (wife of Robert Browning) among others.

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* 17 is considered an unlucky number in Italy

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