Dragon Boat Festival Comes to Florence and Artviva Welcomes with Discounted Tours!

Dragons on the Arno:

Artviva is offering discounted tours and experiences to all Dragon Boat participants, their friends and families. 

Florence will be the proud host of the Dragon Boat Festival for their first-ever event in Europe. Held once every four years and organized by the International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission, the Dragon Boat Festival will officially begin on July 6 and will continue until July 8

Breast cancer survivors from all over the world make up the festival’s heart: the dragon boat race. 22 survivors from all over the world will team up on each dragon-helmed boat to paddle down Florence’s Arno River, with over 120 teams in the dragon boat race. Dragon boat races have their origins some 2,000 years deep in southern Chinese history, where the first dragon boats were created; its popularity was immense, because it was a popular sport in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, too.

With 18 countries from all over the world taking part, the Dragon Paddlers represent every continent on the globe – a first in the festival’s history. The festival is hosted by Donne in Rosa and coordinated by the non-profit Florence organization Firenze, who are the official organising committee. Stefania Saccardi, Assessor of Healthcare Rights, Welfare and Sport in Tuscany, said Florence will be an “extraordinary setting” for the event

Most, but not all, of the participants are women, ranging from 20 to 80 years old. The workshops, demonstrations, and events that make up the festival’s three days are all aimed to create awareness and open dialogue on and about breast cancer – on top of providing rehabilitation therapy for the tens of thousands of men and women worldwide who have survived breast cancer.

2018 IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival | Florence, Italy

With between 4,000-5,000 people expected to attend, from the survivors to their friends and families, the festival organizers hope that the Festival will spread the word about breast cancer prevention, self-diagnosis and treatment among both women and men, as well as promote healthy lifestyles during the post-tumor rehabilitation period.

With the exception of the race, the rest of the festival will be held in Cascine Park, Florence’s largest public park comprised of about 130 hectares along the Arno River. Lush lawns and vast walkways, the park is nestled near the historic centre of Florence and is historic in its own right, after passing hands between Florentine Dukes Alessandro and Cosimo I de’ Medici, and then was slowly opened to the public and transformed by the Habsburg-Lorraine Tuscan Grand Duke and finally by Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, Elisa Baciocch.

We cannot wait to see the festival paint the Arno pink! If you are in Florence during the festival, be sure to check out our Original Florence Walk, a 3-hour tour through the heart of Florence’s historic centre on foot with Artviva’s wonderful guides. Our small-group tours will give you an intimate knowledge of Florence’s historic streets. We have fabulous tours and great guides in all the major Italian art cities and wonderful tours to Tuscany and Cinque Terre.

To celebrate the event and in support of the Florence Dragon Boat Festival 2018 we are offering 10% on all our Tuscany, Rome, and Venice tours to Dragon Boat participants and their families and friends.

Instructions to get the discount are:

Go to our Arviva web site partner login page: http://www.artviva.com/file/partner_login/ and use the username ” DragonBoatArtviva “and put in the password “Getmydiscount”

Artviva discounts are applied to all not already discounted packages. You will see your discount calculated when paying at checkout. We look forward to welcoming you in Florence!


2018 IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival | Florence, Italy

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