Easter in Florence


Easter is a very special and celebrated day in Italy, especially Florence. You won’t find the Easter bunny in Italy, but if you happen to be in Florence on Easter Sunday you will never forget it! In Florence, Easter is celebrated with the Scoppio del Carro, “Explosion of the Cart”. A massive, decorated wagon is pulled through Florence by white oxen until it reaches the Duomo Cathedral. Following mass in the Cathedral, the Archbishop sends a dove-shaped rocket into the cart, which ignites fireworks in the cart. This spectacular display is followed by a parade in medieval costumes.

Easter Monday (the day after Easter) is also a holiday in Italy. Called Pasquetta, “Little Easter”, most shops and other businesses will be closed.

Our office in Florence IS open on Easter Monday and as there is a special opening for museums in Florence, we will be offering the Masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery Tour and the Original David Tour on Easter Monday! To book the museum tours on Easter Monday, please contact us at staff@artviva.com to make bookings.

All our other tours will run as normal on Easter Monday. The Sunday after Easter we will be open and offering tours and will continue to have tours seven days a week until next winter.

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