Explore Tuscan Wine with a Leading Wine Critic


If you are coming to Tuscany with the intention of sampling the region’s excellent wines then we have an experience that can raise your tour from the level of the ordinary to the realm of the extraordinary.

There’s no question that spending time with an expert can enhance your experience of whatever you are exploring. Our guests are unanimous in their feedback that their guides brought the history, culinary traditions and culture alive in a way that doesn’t happen when one tries to explore alone with a guidebook.

At ArtViva we decided to give our oenophiles this extra dimension to their tasting experiences in Italy by inviting one of the world’s most renowned Italian wine experts to lead one of our favourite tours in Tuscany.

Introducing Burton Anderson: His Expertise

After relocating from the States to Tuscany forty years ago, Burton Anderson has become known to the English-speaking community of wine connoisseurs as the writer of several acclaimed books on the subject.

You may be familiar with Vino: The Wines & Winemakers of Italy, which the New York Times rightly deemed “the standard reference, in Italian as well as English”. His Wine Atlas of Italy won multiple awards, and in 1994 Burton branched out into food journalism with another accolade-winning book, Treasures of the Italian Table.

Burton has been inducted into the Writers’ Hall of Fame by the Wine Media Guild of New York and into the Wines of Italy Hall of Fame. On the tour that he leads for us, Burton shares his vast knowledge about the local produce, and guests will come away with a depth of insight that is hard to surpass. Be prepared to return home armed with a pairing list that will make your next dinner party a truly inspiring event.

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Burton’s Personal Credentials

Naturally, the pleasure you get from a tour depends not only on the guide’s knowledge base, but also on his or her personality and ability to communicate.

At this level, Burton Anderson will not disappoint either. As a self-styled epicurean in the classical sense, he describes himself as:

“a follower of the Greek Epicurus, who, in the fourth century BC, espoused a philosophy based on the pursuit of pleasure – comprising fine dining and drinking, of course – while conceptualizing with astounding acumen the nature of the universe and how to live in it.”

You know that you’re in for some great entertainment when you mix an epicurean with alcohol!

In addition, Burton is an all-rounder in all things Italian. Your education won’t be restricted to what you taste. He can regale you with stories about his adventures in restoring a sixteenth-century stone villa nestled in the hills south-east of Florence. He can also mesmerise you with the mouth-watering history of famous Tuscan dishes, and share with you the secrets he has prised out of the local chefs and farmers. And he can, of course, point you in the right direction for the best feasting to be had on your trip to Tuscany.

Have a Drink with Burton

If you want access to some of the finest private cellars in the area in the company of one of the finest and most entertaining English-speaking experts in Tuscany, then you should get in touch with us to arrange this unique tour for you and your group.

We are certain that you will enjoy Burton’s company so much that you will want to share a meal with him at one of his favourite restaurants, an establishment that boasts a well-earned Michelin star and a world-renowned cellar. If you want to include a dining experience in your tour, simply let us know and we will arrange all the details.

Other Wine Tours

ArtViva has been putting together fantastic wine tours for many years: we know all the best cellars and have access to a wide range of them in several areas of Italy that are famed for their vineyards.


In Florence, you can learn to be a sommelier with us, or if you’re in Venice, join us on a private Venetian wine tour that includes tastings accompanied by cicchetti.




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