FAIR FIESOLE: Parks, Parkour and Precious Objects

From Florence, Fiesole is but a short drive (or a longer but lovely hike!) up a winding ancient road that gives the gift of spectacular Tuscan views with each curve of the road.

Normally a quiet little village overlooking the magnificent Tuscan landscape, on this particular day the central piazza of this Tuscan town was filled with tables covered with all sorts of treasures and antiques.

We browsed through the stalls to gaze at the weird and the wonderful, the unique and antique in this charming Tuscan market. Jewels, handbags, handmade linens, old books and comics, medallions, small furnishings and home accessories such as ceramics and other amazing treasures all lay out before us.

Carefully we thumbed through books whose delicate pages were filled with the wisdoms of ages past, from how to repair the machinery of bygone eras, to classic novels which remain much-loved to this day.

We admired the ancient craftsmanship on carefully wood-turned items such as lamp tables, bookshelves, doll houses and miniature display cabinets. And of course, we could not help but be drawn in by the shimmer of ancient jewels, the smooth curves of delicate porcelains and the careful brush strokes of paintings also on display.

The square in which this Tuscan fair is held is the Piazza Mino a Fiesole. In its centre is a large bronze statue of Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II. These two historical figures both played vital roles in the history of Italy and are said to have met in this very piazza on 26th October, 1860. The exact words they exchanged are still the subject of much debate to this day.

Some decades ago, the local council had planned to construct in this piazza. Initial works discovered ancient Roman ruins, some of which were carefully excavated before works began again. But then Etruscan ruins were found, and it was decided to just leave them where they were, carefully cover them up and create a wonderful open piazza atop instead!

Right off the piazza however is an exhibition area in which you can see a sample of the Roman and Etruscan road that traversed Fiesole, and also a well.

After having looked through all the stalls, we wandered up a winding cobbled road to a small lookout area surrounded by the most spectacular views over the surrounding Tuscan landscape.

Nestled below, you can also see the European University Institute, one of the world’s most unique education facilities housed in several unassuming yet historically important buildings including the Badia Fiesolana and Villa Schifanoia.

Walking onwards and upwards and we arrived at the Chiesa di Santa Maria Primerana, a church which dates back to at least 966 that was then added onto in medieval times and beyond. Annexed onto the church are chambers in which Franciscan monks would study, sleep and pray in tiny rooms little more than two meters square, confined conditions intended to provide no distractions to these dedicated religious scholars.

Exiting out from the church, we wandered along a path through a park where we were surprised but delighted to see a truly strange and marvellous sight – a group of Italian teenagers practicing their Parkour moves up and over stone walls, benches and anything solid enough to jump up or bounce off of! Not quite traditional use of the Tuscan landscape, but certainly an interesting thing to see!

As the sun set, we continued our walk up and around the curving streets, our conversation often abruptly but pleasantly interrupted by a breath-taking, thought-stopping view that rendered us speechless for several minutes at a time as we looked out over panoramas that hold a myriad of historic locations, from where Michelangelo learned to honed his marble-carving skills to where Leonardo da Vinci tested his historic flying machine.

‘Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’*

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* Norman MacEwan

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful service you provided us the other day from Rome to Assisi and then to Florence. Thanks to your driver’s excellent driving and keeping us on schedule we managed to see everything in Assisi that we hoped to see in the 3 hours we had there and he even got us to Florence in time to have dinner with the rest of our big tour group there. Everything could not have gone better. We were all very happy with the way things went. It was nice for the 4 of us to relax in the nice van while he did the driving. And Assisi is such a pretty Medieval village that we all wish we could go back there someday, perhaps stay there a few days, so we could wander around on the streets, and have more time to explore the old churches connected with St. Francis. If we get back to Italy in the next few years we will certainly keep you all and your company in mind for private van service. A lot of celebrations coming up here. My 64th birthday is tomorrow (26 Nov), then Thursday is our American holiday Thanksgiving, and of course in December is Christmas. A happy holiday season to you all.Thanks again, Frank and Patricia Johnson.