Fast food Florentine style

As you stroll around Florence you might notice what at first glance appear to be hot dog stands. On closer inspection you’ll see that they are actually selling tripe sandwiches!!

Tripe is the inner lining of the first of a cow’s  four stomachs whereas  lampredotto comes from the fourth and last stomach. The trippaio (tripe seller) ladles out bowls of tripe or lampredotto from the pot of broth he has had boiling since early morning, he cuts it into long strips, seasons it with salt and pepper,  puts it in a bread roll and dresses it with hot sauce. The cost for this typical Tuscan snack is only 3 euro.

If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to try tripe why not treat yourself to a great lunch in one of the many local trattories in Florence. Or, better yet, cook it yourself! Our  combined Market Tour and Cooking Class visits the historical central market where you learn about the ingredients needed to prepare a wonderful four course lunch. Our expert chef will then teach you how to cook the meal and then, best of all, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor while sipping a great glass of Tuscan wine!

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