Giving Venice the chance to enchant

The world is a wonderful place, and nowhere makes you realise that more than a visit to the enchanting, the ethereal Venice.

Named after the Veneti people who populated the city as far back as the 6th century BC, the entire city centre consists of 117 ‘islands’ constructed on a series of ancient wooden piers which have stood strong due to the fact that they have petrified under the water over the centuries to become solid structures.

These islands are connected by 117 bridges, and with the tradition of having to kiss at the centre of each bridge, it is no wonder that Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world!

Venice began to flood throughout the 20th century due to influx of water caused as a reaction from waterways being diverted as a means to divert attackers from being able to approach from the water.

Nowadays however, many measures have been put in place to stop the city from being entirely consumed by the nearby Adriatic ocean, including one projust currently being constructed to have inflatable oscillating buoyancy flap gates that help control the waterlevels. Known as the Mose Project (standing for Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico or, Experimental Electromechanical Module), it has been scheduled to be completed in 2011.

Enriched by its great musical and artistic productions, particularly during the Renaissance period, Venice is a beautiful city visually and aurally!

Part of the charm of Venice is putting your map away and allowing yourself time to become wonderfully lost, to wander across the tiny bridges, stopping to take stunning photos down the under-running canals – and for a kiss if you’re travelling with a kissable person, or you’re lucky enough to find someone who is so just walking by at the right time (well, maybe not…)!

Sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a coffee, and perhaps one of the delicious sweet biscotti, or a traditional cocktail or glass of wine.

Visit San Marco (St Mark’s).

See the Bridge of Sighs.

Eat at a lovely out-of-the-way canal side restaurant.

Have a gondola ride.

Or better learn to be a gondolier and how to row gondola style with a two hour relaxing and enjoyable semi-private lesson on Venice’s beautiful lagoons.

Cruise down the Grand Canal.

Visit the Palazzo Ducale.

Go to a classical music concert held around the city in tiny little churches, concert halls and other locations. Often held quite late in the evening, it is just amazing to hear the sounds of hand-crafted violins and cellos perfectly fused, the sound reverberating off the frescoed walls of the ancient church or palazzo in which you are privileged enough to find yourself.

Browse the shops between Saint Marks Square and the Rialto looking out for beautiful locally made masks.

Visit the ‘Island of Glass’ – Murano – and see a glass making demonstration.

Hop on the next passing vaparetto (water-‘bus’) and enjoy seeing Venice from the waterway ? and discovering where you end up! Or just stay on for the entire return trip.

And of course you can’t miss seeing fascinating artworks at the vast Venice Biennale with this year’s crop of the world’s best in contemporary art.

Cross the Rialto bridge, stopping to enjoy the spectacular views. There is also, strangely, a hamburger joint just off of one side where you can buy the most expensive meat patty on a breadroll you’ve ever had! We think it’s best to stick to the great local cuisine however.

To do so, you may wish to try Pizzeria Al Casin Dei Nobili – on the Zattere, this place has a wonderful atmosphere to match the great food! (Sotoportego del Casin dei Nobile. Sestiere Dorsoduro, 2765. Tel: +39 041 241 1841)

If you’re one to step outside your culinary comfort zone, you may wish to discover some of the most delicious local Venetian cuisine offered by Alla Vedova, at Cà D’Oro, in the Sestiere Cannaregio 3912. Tel: +39 041 528 5324.

No visit to Italy is complete with a gelato ? and at Nico on the Zattere at Dorsoduro, 922. Their specialty is a “Gianduiotto al passeggio” with cream! But it is best to try more than one just to be sure!

If you would like to explore Venice with us, we have small-group Venice tours and discount tour packages available.

In one glorious afternoon, have a ride in a gondola on our small-group Original Gondola Tour.

Visit San Marco – St Mark’s – on a guided tour and have our expert tour guide take you on a tour of the Doge’s Palace.

Conclude your day with a relaxing ride on the Grand Canal in a tradition Motoscafo water boat on the small-group Grand Canal tour.

This tour is part of our super-discounted Grand Italy Tour discounted tour package including small-group tours in Rome and small-group tours in Florence.

For more information, see or contact us at

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