International Women’s Day in Italy

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International Women's Day - a small gift to say a big thank you!

In a perfect world, we’d let people know how much they mean to us much more often.

But since the world is a little less than perfect (thank goodness – how boring would that be?!), we have days each year in which we are reminded to say thank you to those most special to us.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, the annual reminder to demonstrate your appreciation for the wonderful women in your life.

Whilst each country has a different way of celebrating this day, in Italy the tradition is to give mimosa to the women in your life. This bright yellow wattle plant can be seen pinned to lapels of ladies around town or attached to little gifts of chocolate.

In Tuscan towns, people often plant mimosa in terracotta pots on their balconies in the lead-up to this special day.

Lunch and dinner times on this day see groups of women gathering in restaurants to celebrate just how wonderful women are – the men left to fend for themselves in the kitchen at home.

Whilst nowadays, International Women’s Day on March 8th now means gifts, meals with friends and the expression of appreciation, the date actually has quite a serious history. It commemorates the United Nations officially sanctioning women’s rights.

Even though we should never need a select date of the year to tell people in our lives how much we love and respect them, we at Artviva would like to take the opportunity to extend warm wishes to the hundreds of women we work with whose intelligence, spirit, knowledge, support, and general fantastic-ness inspires us daily, to the thousands of women we meet each year in Florence, RomeVeniceCinque Terre and beyond, whose passion, humour, personality and friendly nature make our work thoroughly enjoyable, and to the millions of women we all encounter in our everyday lives – be it passing by on the street, seated next to on the bus, letting us pass ahead at the supermarket check-out when we only have a few items, or inspiring us with their wisdom and panache. We would like to send out these sentiments to our girlfriends who support us through the trials and the victories, to our female relatives who teach us how to do everything we know (and with style), to women everywhere – we extend our warm wishes, our arms, and our hearts today, and every day.

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