Klimt: from Vienna to Venice

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Many of Gustav Klimt’s most well-known works are said to have been inspired by mosaics in Venice*.

As such, it seems only fitting that some of the famed Austrian artist’s most well-known works will be exhibited in Venice, Italy, to mark 150 years since his birth.

The Klimt exhibit, titled ‘The Sign of Hoffmann and the Secession’, will feature paintings, drawings, furniture and jewellery, as well as historical documents.

Klimt is best known for his female forms juxtaposed with highly decorative prints, inspired not only by Venetian mosaics but also Oriental prints combined with Art Nouveau philosophy. His ‘Golden Phase’ saw the use of gold leaf, rendering his works literally brilliant.

Although Klimt travelled little in his lifetime, he did visit Venice, which is how he became familiar with the amazing mosaics Venice is famous for when he participated in the 1910 Biennale di Venezia.

One year later, Klimt won first prize in the World Exhibition being held in Rome.

Klimt’s works being exhibited in Venice include Sunflowers (1907), the portrait of Marie Hennebefg (1901-02), Judith I and II (1909) and the famed frieze from the 1902 Beethoven-ausstellung created 100 years ago in collaboration with Josef Hoffmann – a true masterpiece perfectly harmonizing all of Klimt’s most prominent themes.

The Klimt exhibit in Venice ends on 8th July, 2012.


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(*and also in nearby Ravenna)

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    1. Rome, Venice and Florence is a reasonable ietinrary for 8 days but not over-generous. I would recommend booking in advance for all three places. Rome: you are likely to catch the tail-end of the Easter pilgrimmage, so things may not be as easy as you think. Venice is busy all year round and lovely. Florence is amazing – you can never spend too much time there! Milan is orientated towards business travellers rather than tourists, so you are better skipping this.

  1. I’ve never been to Venice, but have been to Rome. We had two guides with you who were both Amazing. Ive visited the Vatican before but it was nothing with ouut the great guide. Thanks so much for making our visiting Rome such a great experience! Next year…VENIZIA!!!

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