Michelangelo’s art in Italy: Praise & Parody

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Michelangelo may not have been well-known for his social skills, however he certainly knew how to express sensibilities in his artwork.

Our Florence art historian guides call Michelangelo’s David the most important artwork ever created, whilst my high school art teacher called that small gap between Adam and God’s fingers in the Sistine Chapel “the most important space in art”.

Many people on our Original David Tour in Florence and Vatican tour, in Rome are regularly bought to tears by the site of our favourite nudes, David and Adam.

Michelangelo’s works even inspired one of our guides to quit their day job in their native country and move to Italy to study art history.

The works also continue to inspire others in creating copies, sketches and a few parodies.

We’ve already shared a few inspired-by’s for Michelangelo’s David.

Now here we have compiled a small selection of Sistine Chapel take-offs.

And speaking of sensibilities, we left out the pull-my-finger one…


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